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Ergonomic Program Development

What is your company's mode of operation: Reactive or Proactive? 

If you are like most companies, you may not even know that you are operating under a costly reactive approach to health and wellness at your work place due to an ineffective or non-existing ergonomic program.

VS has been providing site-specific ergonomic program development for nearly two decades for small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. Our proven success rate with ergonomic program development and management will increase efficiency, productivity, quality comfort and morale while simultaneously decreasing and/or eliminating errors, accidents, injuries, illnesses, and absenteeism at your work place.

The following are a few of the key points that our firm will implement with the development of your macro-ergonomic program:

  • Identify immediate and long-term ergonomic program structure needs
  • Identify leading and lagging indicators
  • Identify key performance indicators to gauge the success of your program
  • Develop a site-specific ergonomics product list and liaison with existing vendors to obtain better price point options
  • Develop a structured new hire orientation proactive ergonomic evaluation process
  • Create written policies and procedures for the Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • Develop a structured new hire orientation ergonomic evaluation process
  • Create on-line ergonomic learning and assessment tools