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Employee Safety Consulting - Sacramento, CA

Evaluating Workplace Ergonomics in Sacramento, CA

VSI offers several types of evaluations of workplace ergonomics near Sacramento, CA, including:

Proactive and New Hire Orientation (PRO)

The PRO is a cost-effective approach for your company and is appropriate for individuals who are not currently experiencing any physical discomfort. This is used as a proactive measure for employees to ensure that their workstation is arranged appropriately to fit their stature. (Assessment: ~30 minutes)

Preventative (PREE)

During the PREE, the ergonomist fully investigates the work environment and workplace ergonomics to develop employee-specific recommendations based on root cause analysis. This in-depth assessment is primarily used as a preventative measure for employees that have experienced physical discomfort but have not filed a worker's compensation claim. (Assessment: ~45 to 60 minutes)

Worker's Compensation (WC)

For employees that have filed a WC claim due to experienced work-related physical discomfort. The WC includes an in-depth root cause analysis, adjustments, and site-specific recommendations to mitigate ergonomic risk exposure. The WC includes employee history, functional limitations, in-person follow-ups to gauge employee wellness and direct liaison with all members of the treatment team. (Assessment: ~60-90 minutes)

Industrial Workplace Utilizing Ergonomic Evaluations - Sacramento, CA

Departmental Sweep

The sweep is recommended for new location/building moves and/or as a proactive measure to assess several employees in a minimal amount of time. This macro-ergonomic approach includes employee education on ergonomic principles and workstation and equipment adjustments. The benefit of the sweep is that it is cost-effective, and is appropriate for individuals who are not currently experiencing discomfort. (Assessment: ~15-20 minutes)

Virtual Evaluations

Cost-effective virtual ergonomic evaluations are assessments for anywhere in your office. Using live interactive conferencing, the ergonomist visually assesses the risk exposure of your workplace ergonomics, guiding the employee to implement appropriate adjustments to their furniture and equipment using a step-by-step approach. (Assessment: ~60-90 minutes)

Job Analysis (JA)

The JA includes a full analysis of the essential functions related to the job duties performed by the employee with regards to their job description. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Physical Demands
  • Sensory/Mental Demands
  • Environmental Exposures

A JA is often necessary for an injured employee to successfully return to work. A JA may also be used when creating new positions in your organization to ensure that the duties and responsibilities align with human capabilities and limitations to promote a successful employment relationship.