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Employee Safety Consulting - Sacramento, CA

Thorough and Insightful Ergonomic Evaluations in Sacramento, CA

Comfortable workers are safe and productive workers. You can assure that your employees meet those standards by taking advantage of the thorough ergonomic evaluations in Sacramento, CA, that we provide at VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics, Inc.

Our team of skilled evaluators will check your equipment to eliminate physical discomfort employees may experience while working. These assessments can help reduce repetitive stress injuries while leading to increased productivity and reduced worker absences.

Delivering Comprehensive Consulting Services

We are ready to provide comprehensive workplace safety and health consulting services for your business. Our wide range of solutions and evaluations include:

Proactive and New Hire Orientation (PRO) is a cost-efficient way to ensure all office workstations fit your workers' statures. This 30-minute assessment is primarily for workers who are not experiencing discomfort.

A Preventative Workplace Safety (PREE), 45 to 60 minutes, is for employees who have experienced discomfort but haven't filed a claim for workers' compensation. It uses root-cause analysis as a practical work area assessment of ergonomics.

Departmental Sweep is an evaluation that lasts 15 to 20 minutes and is useful for checking an area before work begins. It's ideal for new locations and building moves and helpful for simultaneously testing many employees. Our tools allow us to provide ergonomic training to ensure your employees stay safe and comfortable on the job.

Virtual Ergonomic Evaluations delivered through live interactive conferencing lets us assess your business remotely in a cost-effective manner. We'll observe your employees and advise them on furniture and equipment adjustments, which will allow them to be more comfortable. This takes 60 to 90 minutes.

Our health safety consulting services also include Job Analysis. During one of these evaluations, our team performs a thorough analysis of each specific role's essential duties. This includes looking at physical and mental demands as well as environmental exposure.

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