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Conducting Ergonomic Usability Studies in Sacramento, CA

Gather Data with Ergonomic Usability Studies in Sacramento, CA

When you are developing a new product, every bit of data and information you can gather is vital. It can help you fine-tune the item, and it goes a long way toward guaranteeing its success. Get the facts you require by relying on our engineers at VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics, Inc. to conduct ergonomic usability studies in Sacramento, CA.

We can often undertake a study along with a product review, and we are happy to do studies on new or existing products as well as ones you’re creating. At VSI, we can provide small, interactive focus groups and usability studies with varying population samples. Our human factors ergonomics engineers have performed testing on products such as:

Office Furniture for Ergonomic Usability Tests - Sacramento, CA

Making Good Products Even Better

You need to know how customers will interact with your products. When you let us perform usability testing, we can determine the ergonomic comfort users will feel with your items. This is a critical factor as devices and tools that are not ergonomically correct may lead to user injuries. Our engineers can help you improve the comfort and usability of your design to minimize strain on the end-user.

Looking at Your Workspace

Not only do we conduct ergonomic evaluations and testing on products, but we also apply our skills and talents to the office as well. We also specialize in improving workplace ergonomics by testing equipment and manufacturing tools to find repetitive strain points that can lead to injury and lost time on the job. Our certified ergonomists will advise you on preventing injury and suggest improvements for your location. We will also educate your staff on ways to minimize strain and repetitive motions.