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Effective Risk Management Solutions in Sacramento, CA

Taking care of your employees and guests at your location helps you take care of your business. The way to attain that vigilance and attention to detail is through working with a company such as VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics, Inc. We offer proven risk management solutions in Sacramento, CA, that mitigates the chances of a potentially harmful situation in the workplace. We can help you discover and minimize office-related conditions that may lead to problems.

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Creating a Healthy Working Environment

You can take simple steps to make sure your staff members are productive and comfortable while doing their jobs. One of the main ones is supplying ergonomic workstations for your employees. A well-designed workplace gives your team a comfortable, functional location in which they can be productive and efficient. Our expertise with human kinesthetic allows us to create workstations for many different industries to meet your employees’ needs and yours as the employer.

As ergonomic practitioners, we concern ourselves with reducing the risk of injuries or strain caused by working in cramped and uncomfortable settings. Ergonomically designed offices help alleviate stress, fatigue, and worker frustration.

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At VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics, Inc., we support national and global Fortune 500 companies by applying our skills as the largest human factors ergonomic engineering firm in Northern California. The team features experienced, academically trained ergonomic practitioners and multiple gold-standard certified professionals.


Contact us today at VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics, Inc. for more information on the workplace ergonomics we offer, for your benefit. We proudly serve the Bay Area, Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas.

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