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Many companies operate under expensive, reactive approaches to health and wellness. Many of these companies with ineffective or nonexistent workplace ergonomics programs don’t realize the effect that their inefficient workplace environment has on their bottom line.

VSI Risk Management & Ergonomics, Inc. provides assistance when it comes to ergonomic program development in the San Francisco Bay or Sacramento, CA Areas. Our high-impact, cost-effective ergonomic engineering, and environmental health and safety consulting services are provided by a professional staff of board-certified specialists and engineers.

For nearly 20 years, our approach to development and management has increased productivity, quality, efficiency, comfort, and morale within small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies while decreasing or eliminating accidents, injuries, errors, illnesses, and absenteeism. The following are a few of the key points that our firm will implement with the development of your macro-ergonomic program:

  • Identify Immediate & Long-Term Ergonomic program Structure Needs
  • Identify Leading & Lagging Indicators
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators to Gauge the Success of Your program
  • Develop a Site-Specific Ergonomics Product List & Liaison with Existing Vendors to Obtain Better Price Point Options
  • Develop a Structured New Hire Orientation Proactive Ergonomic Evaluation Process
  • Create Written Policies & Procedures for the Injury & Illness Prevention Program
  • Develop a Structured New Hire Orientation Ergonomic Evaluation Process
  • Create Online Ergonomic Learning & Assessment Tools

Tailored to Your Business

No two offices are exactly alike, which means there isn’t a fit-all solution available. Our team takes the time to understand the goals of your business so that we can develop office ergonomics solutions to serve you and your needs best.

Our team will perform a comprehensive ergonomics evaluation to get to know your employees, workplace, and existing safeguards. We will then discuss our findings with you so that together we can explore possible avenues of improvement.